The project which is carrying out between 12.2012-11.2014 and it is financed by the European Commission through the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci sub-programme, Transfer of Innovation action, is implemented by the CREST Resource Center in partnership with the Romanian, Hungarian and Austrian national European Organizations for Quality representatives: Asociaţia Română pentru Calitate (România), Európai Minőségügyi Szervezet – Magyar Nemzeti Bizottság (Ungaria) and Quality Austria – Trainings, Zertifierungs und Begutachtungs Gmbh. (Austria).
In the last years health system workers (white jobs) are more and more exposed to unemployment. This sector involves new skills and new jobs, innovation is very fast implemented and education and training systems need to improve sectoral identification and anticipation of skills and to support changes to be able to tackle this problem and assist workers in accessing trainings they need.
This project means to support transfer of innovation from partners with experience in the field of vocational educational training (VET) in healthcare management building a European framework for safe, high quality and efficient health services, enrolling to health policies and the European Union’s strategies in healthcare to support dynamic health systems.
The specific objectives of the project:
  • develop operative models and instruments that allow to the training structures to set up efficacious analysis processes of training needs in the field of quality system management in healthcare;
  • develop specifically training oriented models and tools to support the continuous updating of the healthcare workers skills by testing innovative programs and instruments based on specific competences developing training schemes in the field of quality system management in healthcare validated at European level;
  • implement processes of innovation of the training by establishing a transnational network of VET suppliers and other stakeholders in healthcare creating training and certification schemes for quality system manager in healthcare;
  • test the efficacy of models for the transfer of innovative practices to transnational level and implementation of training instruments supporting the cooperation between VET and the world of work.
The target group and stakeholders interested in the results of the project are the followings:
  • employees of the hospitals with responsibility in quality management;
  • trainers in quality management in the healthcare sector;
  • professional adult training organisms at national and international level;
  • universities and training institutes in the domain of healthcare at national and international level;
  • public and private providers of healthcare services at national and international level: hospitals, kliniks, etc.;
  • professional organisms from healthcare sector at national and international level: Order of Nurses Midwives and Medical Assistants in Romania, Romanian College of Phisicians, etc.;
  • certification / accreditation organisms in the domain of quality management at national and international level;
  • other organisms in the healthcare sector: syndicate, public healthcare organisms, etc.
The final results of the project are:
  • instrument of needs analysis in the approved domain;
  • comparative report pointing the training needs and competences in the three partner countries;
  • didactic material for QSMH professional training;
  • specific competence schemes for QSMH and certification scheme of the competences at European level;
The long term impact of the project consist in fostering unitary professional training opportunities in the field of quality management for public health institution through the involvement of the different stakeholders in making VET and qualifications systems more responsive to the needs of the health system employees focusing on developing competence-based training systems.
This project develops quality system management trainings enrolling the EU’s priorities to create new training systems, new programs, dedicated to support Agenda for new skills and jobs.

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This project has been founded with the support from the European Commission.
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